Plant DNA Repair Genes


Click on the link above to download a list of known plant DNA repair genes.  A lot of people contributed to this list, and I'd be happy to incorporate your suggestions.

Some functional genomics references are listed, but for an updated and complete reference I'd suggest you go to TAIR and enter the gene ID there.


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Repair in Eukaryotes

DNA repair is an ancient process, and it’s not hard to find homologs of almost all the mammalian repair in genes in plants. In many cases, the functionality of these have been characterized either in vitro or in vivo (analyzing phenotypes in KO mutants).  Arabidopsis seems to be able to tolerate repair/response defects that are lethal in mammals.  Perhaps this is a property of plants (flexible development?  reluctance to induce cell death?), or perhaps this is due to the small size of the Arabidopsis genome.