Current Members




Phil Conklin

A man with many, many plans. Really too many.  Phil’s research focuses on cell-type specificity of response to DNA damage.  This turns out to be a pretty broad focus.  Check out his movie.



Michelle Tjahjadi

SOG1 induces a lot of genes, and many of them are transcription factors. Michelle plans to determine which subroutines are governed by which transcription factors.



Victor Missiran

Victor’s our newest postdoc, so he’s still thinking about possible projects.  He’s a computational biologist and all round nice guy who’s helping out on all of our projects.

Sundaram Kuppu


Sundaram Kuppu

Sundaram is working on a nontransgenic approach to haploid induction, using Arabidopsis as a model.

Ryoe Takakura


Ryoe “Will” Takakura

Will’s working on the BREAD (Basic Research Enabling Ag Development) project- with our collaborators in Kenya and Colombia, he’s seeing if the Ravi/Chan haploidizing technology can work in cassava and banana.

Anne Britt


Anne Britt

Anne loves pretty much any aspect of genetics, and is a long-time mutagenesis and ionizing radiation enthusiast.  When she’s not in the lab she’s with her family (Dave, Katie, and Laura) or playing banjo.